Returning Catholics

"No Matter Where


You've Been


Come On In!"

The reasons for leaving and the reasons for returning to the Church are many. Catholics who have been away for awhile find that upon returning everything seems to have changed, or they realize that they themselves have changed. In any case, things are just not the same. Some return with lots of questions, doubts, and challenges, some with a sense of guilt, anger or resentment. But all return looking for something, something more. Returning Catholics groups offer a safe place to explore one’s faith and future with the Church. It offers a supportive community within which one can ask questions, discuss issues, and deal with difficulties; a place to be with ordinary Catholics who are trying to live their faith and who are also looking for opportunities to grow and learn from the spiritual journeys of others. Sacred Heart collaborates with other area parishes in providing these opportunities. Please call Debbie Chester at 344-8311 to find out what sessions are available in the Boise area. We look forward to welcoming you home.