Funerals and Memorials - Other Considerations

Other Considerations

Tributes and eulogies: Normally individual tributes should be reserved for the vigil service the afternoon or evening before the day of the Funeral Mass or for a reception following. The homily at Mass is when the priest or deacon will preach on the gospel you have chosen and make specific references to the deceased. One short tribute may be read at Mass after communion.. This is best read from a script, and it is very helpful if a copy of this is available to the priest or deacon before the Mass.

Displays and photographs: We welcome displays of photographs and memorabilia at the entrance to the church. A single framed portrait may be displayed on an easel near the altar.

Financial considerations: It is customary to give the priest and/or deacon a stipend when they preside at a service. Donations to the Church and stipends may be paid through the funeral home or directly by a family member. They should be paid on or before the day of the funeral.

Flowers: We welcome flowers and wreaths as part of the funeral celebration. You may consider leaving one flower arrangement for the church to use at the weekend Masses.