Funerals and Memorials - Music


Music is an important part of ritual, and we encourage families to make full use of the Church’s rich tradition and the parish’s musical resources.

Music before and after the Mass: Music for all liturgies is under the direction of the parish music directors (344-8311).

Hymns, Psalms and Spiritual Songs: During a liturgy that lasts around 60 minutes, it is good to allow everyone present to participate fully in the singing. The hymns, psalms and spiritual songs that are chosen need to be familiar to a good number of the congregation so that the singing is strong. Our hymnal contains many fine items from which you may wish to choose. There may be material not included in our resources that you wish to use. In this case, we will need to arrange for the words to be printed. In all cases, you should talk with one of our music directors as soon as you are able.

Soloists and Choirs: Many people like to have a solo, such as Schubert’s Ave Maria, sung. We recommend that one of our cantors lead the singing of the Psalm and the Eucharistic music, and sing one or more of the many appropriate solos that you may choose. It is sometimes possible for one of our choirs to sing, or for professional singers to be hired. Our music directors will be pleased to advise you on this and help with choices.

Suggested donations for a cantor and pianist are $100 each, but any donation is acceptable. These fees may be paid through the funeral home or by a family member directly to the musicians.

Recorded Music: We recognize the importance of certain recorded songs. Recorded music may be proper at a vigil service or at a reception but not during Mass.