Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion - Responsibilities Before Mass

Responsibilities Before Mass

  • Plan on being in the sacristy at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled Mass time; check your name off the posted schedule or insert your name for the person for whom you are substituting. Take one of the Eucharistic Minister crosses to wear during the Mass and then go to your seat within the assembly. This allows the Sacristan to know that you (or your substitute) are present for your assigned Mass and able to fulfill your ministry. Return the Eucharistic Minister cross to the Sacristy after Mass.
  • Your hands should be clean, with neatly trimmed and clean nails. It is good practice to wash your hands with soap and water before the liturgy, this is particularly important if you are a smoker. You may wish to do this when you are checking into the sacristy.
  • Your participation in the liturgy should be whole and complete, by paying respectful attention to the proclamation of the Word, joining in the singing and offering the peace greeting, etc.